Business Software Packages

Dedicated software development is a process in which all the necessary actions are taken in order to deliver a complete and stable solution to the customer. The required steps include analysis of customer requirements followed by solution development and end with testing. 

Our software solutions are financial accounting programs targeted for sole proprietors, small and medium-sized enterprises. Our software is easy to use, making it acceptable to all people regardless of knowledge and education.

Knowledge and expertise within our company in the field of software development is based on the long work experience of our team in the field of commodity-material accounting and financial accounting.

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Advantages​ of Software Packages

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NextBIZ Package

NextBIZ Package is a complex software package suitable for financial accounting, commodity-material accounting with elements of production, calculation and record of employee’s earnings, personnel records, fixed assets and small inventory, all in accordance with the laws of RS and FBIH.


NextVODA Package

NextVoda Package is a software package developed for monitoring of water consumption, calculation of monthly billing and billing tracking.


NextKOM Package

NextKom Package is a software package designed to create garbage collection bills for both legal entities and individuals, with possibility of billing tracking.